A.B.T.™ 2X qPCR EVA-Green MasterMix

A.B.T.™ EVA-Green MasterMix is affordable and high efficiency product can be used for gene expression SNP-genotyping, DNA quantitation analysis.

A.B.T.™ 2X qPCR Probe MasterMix

A.B.T.™ 2X qPCR Probe MasterMix is a suitable product for Real-time PCR analysis which work with fluorescent-tagged probes such as Taqman. It can be used for RT-PCR experiments such as gene expression profiling, validation of arrays and gene silencing .


A.B.T.™ GEL-SAFER is a ready-to-use gel detection solution for DNA/RNA visualization after electrophoresis applications. It is safe-to-use, non-toxic and perfect substitute for ethidium bromide.

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Good Customer Services

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