A.B.T.™, BCA Protein Assay Kit

Size: 500 rxn - Cat No: W09-01-50

A.B.T.™ BCA Protein Assay Kit is a detergentcompatible formulation based on bicinchoninic acid (BCA) for the colorimetric detection and quantitation of total protein. This method combines the well-known reduction of Cu2+ to Cu1+ by protein in an alkaline medium with the highly sensitive and selective colorimetric detection of the cuprous cation (Cu1+) using a unique reagent containing bicinchoninic acid. The purple-colored reaction product of this assay is formed by the chelation of two molecules of BCA with one cuprous ion. This water-soluble complex exhibits a strong absorbance at 562 nm that is nearly linear with increasing protein concentrations over a broad working range (20-2000 μg/mL).