A.B.T.™ cDNA Synthesis Kit (dT20)

A.B.T.™ cDNA Synthesis Kit (dT20)



A.B.T.™ cDNA Synthesis Kit (dT20)

This product contains Reverse transcriptase, inhibitör, primers, dNTPs, DTT, buffer and nuclease-free water.

A.B.T.™ cDNA Synthesis Kit (dT20) is a complete system for the efficient synthesis of first strand cDNA from RNA templates. The recombinant Ribonuclease Inhibitor, supplied with the kit effectively protects RNA template from degradation. The oligo dT anneals selectively on the poly(A) tail of mRNA. Gene-specific primers may also be used with the kit. The first strand of cDNA can be directly used as a template in PCR.

   Cat#                      Size       

  • C01-01-05           50 Rxn
  • C01-01-20           200 Rxn
  • C01-01-25           250 Rxn