A.B.T.™ Humidifier Chamber for IHC

A.B.T.™ Humidifier Chamber for IHC


A.B.T.™ Humidifier Chamber for IHC

Humidifier Chamber


Moisture chambers keep slides well isolated and maintain moisture levels for immunostaining and diagnostic reaction processes. All units are separated into ten individual compartments with space between each compartment. The closed lid ensures complete isolation by placing eight barrier dividers into the spaces between slide compartments. Slides rest on pedestal and corner posts raising them above the water level (about a half-inch) and making them easy to retrieve (either by hand or by forcep).

The chamber is fabricated out of heavy-duty polystyrene with an air-tight design to keep moisture in. The chambers are designed to be stackable in order to save counter and/or refrigerator space.

   Cat#             Size       

  • L07-10-01   1 each
  • L07-20-01   1 each
  • L07-40-01   1 each