A.B.T.™ NucleaseClean

A.B.T.™ NucleaseClean



A.B.T.™ NucleaseClean


A.B.T.™ NucleaseClean is a ready-for-use nuclease decontaminant. A.B.T.™ NucleaseClean is eliminate labware RNase and DNase contamination. A.B.T.™ NucleaseClean is non-corrosive and non-carcinogenic.
Guidelines for use: Apply A.B.T.™ NucleaseClean liberally to the surface to be decontaminated. It is important to ensure that the solution contacts the entire surface. Vigorously rub the wet surface with a RNase-free laboratory wipe, then dry with a fresh RNase-free wipe. It is important that the entire surface is completely dry as residual RNase Decontamination Reagent may degrade an RNA or DNA sample. Alternatively, you may soak items overnight in RNase Decontamination Reagent, then rinse thoroughly with RNase-free water and dry.

   Cat#             Size       

  • B07-01-25   250 ml
  • B07-01-50   500 ml